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ATWood Decking

ATWood Decking

1. Green and unshakeable material

The question that we pose is wether there is any type of hardwood can meet following requirement:


- Withstand the harsh effect of the weather, especially in Vietnam, where the climate is very humid

- Resistance to water and UV ray when placed outdoors while maitaining the durability and the beauty over time.

- Used green material to save natural resources for country.



2. Green fomula from ATWood

Rice husk plastic composite ATwood is created from experiences of engineer of Hoang Gia Nam Viet company. Its main composition include 50% rice husk and 40% recycle synthetic PE.

ATWood is a product which is not used material derived from wood in order to preserve primeval forest of Vietnam. ATWood does not contain the compound lignin, so its color is stable over time.

3. The inspiration for outdoor spaces.

ATwood looks like natural wood. Its physical properties is stable when placed outdoor. And its warm and elegance beauty will bring the nature closer to you. You can expand your space with ATWood's applications such as decking, Pergola,  ộng thêm không gian sinh hoạt ngoài trời với các ứng dụng như lót sàn gỗ, giàn hoa Pergola, facade decoration,... ATWood has 4 colors: wood, coffee, dark grey and light grey.

4. Standard quality of Atwood (rice husk plastic composite)

Material Atwood Other WPC Natural wood
Non-wood X    
The surface looks like wood X X X
Resistance to water XX X  
Resistance to UV ray XX X  
Low maintenance X X  
Resistance to fire XX X  
Lifecycle use XX X X
Easy to clean X X  
Warranty: 5 years X X  

5. Applications:

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ATWood Decking

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