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Konner Flooring

Konner Flooring

Konner wood flooring is a wood flooring product originating from Germany, the Konner brand is Konotex's product. As the importer in Vietnam sets up and develops the Konner brand in Vietnam. Konner wood flooring quality and design is very rich compared to other products of the same type, in addition to the price competitive Konner wood floor is worth to the customer to consult and choose.

With today's diverse interior space, Konner wood flooring can be combined with most of our construction items. Create a courteous, warm, harmonious, cozy house. Unique stripe pattern, scratch-resistant surface by European standards, moisture resistant wood suitable for Vietnam climate.

General characteristics of Konner wood flooring:

With large size Konner wood floor creates a feeling of spaciousness for the house, with a beveled edge V4 to feel like the most natural wood floor.

Konner wood flooring is a wood floor imported from Germany so the emission standard is the application of European standards.

With Konner laminate flooring, wood flooring achieves low emissions (E0), which is environmentally friendly and ensures that families and children are not affected by the components of the wood flooring.

Konner's durability with weather and climate in Vietnam lasted more than 10 years.

Konner wood flooring helps your family minimize the cost of construction as well as replacement maintenance costs.

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Konner Flooring

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