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Kosmos flooring

Kosmos flooring

Kosmos laminate flooring is imported, Kosmos in German language is universal to symbolize the idea of ​​sustainability exists firmly with your house. Along with the name laminate flooring importer Kosmos efforts to build sustainable brands. reassuring customers to choose linoleum flooring is Kosmos wing attempt to lower the cost of achieving the necessary application value. 

Kosmos flooring called by Vietnamese importers place branding. Kosmos flooring warehouse to keep stability in the number of inventory when many clients ensure color sampling is not considered inventory to ensure supply of laminate flooring Kosmos immediate response number. Because of the stability of existing quality assurance to customers when there is a shortage not afraid to demand immediate installation or need for warranty repair. stable supply, Kosmos flooring are widely sold in markets across the country and in Tp.hcm wood flooring market. 

Kosmos flooring are better known as by diverse colors, so many colors to meet the majority of needs of customers lined flooring, colorful properties allow more consistent with the interior floor. Kosmos shiny flooring surfaces and edges meters covered with tastes more like Vietnam 

Kosmos cheap laminate flooring is suitable for low-cost plans and stable quality 

Buy in warehouse flooring warranty from 10 years to 25 years, to ensure compliance with the selected row.

Kosmos flooring is used a lot in cheap apartments, Fashion Shop and low-income housing ... 

Parameters laminate flooring Kosmos: 

- Surface: O alumina abrasive husband AC3 

- Essence HDF: 830-850 / kg, moisture coming paraffin coated edge 

- Packing: 12.3 x 107 x 810mm (H x W x L) 20 bar canned Carton / box 

- Production: China, the specifications are guaranteed by the manufacturer 

Note: do not use flooring with environmental Kosmos damp mop regularly with a dry cloth, do not put ice directly on the exposed floor 

Price Kosmos flooring, laminate flooring at warehouse prices do not include costs of construction and transportation, wool accessories splint.

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Kosmos flooring

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