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Kronotex Flooring

Kronotex Flooring

Kronotex flooring - Space full of vitality :

Kronotex flooring: After 8 years appearing in Vietnam (April, 2005), Kronotex flooring, which is a top laminated flooring brand of Germany has gradualy become priority choice in many projects. Consumer intersted in Kronotex flooring because of its beauty surface, water-resistance, termite-resistance and being suitable for high wet weather in Vietnam. In addition, Kronotex flooring is the only flooring intergrated advanced smart Express Clic technology. So, Kronotex flooring always guarantees the rate of installing progress.

Salient features of Kronotex flooring - Germany:

Kronotex- Easy to clean, resistant to abrasion

Kronotex - limiting the noise
Kronotex - Friendly environmental Kronotex - the boards is tight to eachother


Dimension of Kronotex flooring:

The length of laminate flooring Europe origin is 1375mm or more

Dynamic: thickness 8mm x length 1380mm x width 193mm, AC4, Class 32 (8 pieces/box = 2.13072m2) : D406, D643,D644, D725, D764, D1372, D1404, D1412, D1460, D1496, D2304, D2441, D2457, D2777, D2427

Robusto: thickness 12mm x length 1375mm x width 188mm, AC5, Class 33 (5 pieces/box = 1.2925m2) : D639, D2778, D 2778 V4, D2967 V4, D2975 V2, D2981 V2, D3073 V4, D3074 V4, D3075 V4

Exquisit: thickness 10mm, length 1380mm x width 113mm, AC4, Class 32 (8 pieces/box = 1.24725m2) : D2231, D2239, D2323, D2432, D2443, D2445, D2772, D2962 V4, D2967 V4 

Mammut: thickness 12mm, length 1845mm x width 188mm, AC5, Class 33 (4 pieces/box = 1.38744m2) the longest of laminate flooring : D2413, D2442, D2443, D2773, D2802, D2933, D2938, D 3076

When choosing Kronotex flooring, should consider to its length

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Kronotex Flooring

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