Kendall Flooring KV51
Đơn giá : 220,000 VNĐ / M2

Kendall Flooring KV51

Brand: Trung Quốc

Product Code: KV51

Availability: 212

Weight: 14.50kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 806mm x 134mm x 12mm

Kendall Flooring KV51
220,000 VNĐ x
TƯ VẤN: 1900.63.69.68


Kendall Flooring KV51

Kendall laminate flooring with surface coating of aluminum oxide layer is transparent reinforced during production xuat.San Kendall laminate decorative paper layer is made consistent with the chemical properties, physical properties of the class aluminum oxide and coated with a layer of glue, this is the layer of paper is printed by digital printing technology particularly motifs taken from nature creation.> Kendall laminate flooring HDF core layer is the layer of wood fiber and fuel additives to increase the hardness (wood pulp accounted for approximately 85%) have a specific gravity above 850kg / m3 should have hardness and high mechanical strength. This wood core standards of the European E1, ensure that all materials are taken from nature.


Technical parameters
AC Rating AC3, Class 31
advantages Water resistant, scratch resistant, termite people, fire resistant, anti-fading, anti-mildew, anti-fouling, noise restrictions, ease sanitation workers clean, green materials
Thickness 12mm
Flooring Ultra water-resistant
Country of Origin China
sizes 806mmx134mm
canned cardboad
pieces Per Carton 20 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 1.65 m2
Location of use
interior Floor of the living room, bedroom, office, children's room, hotel, shoping center, restaurants, showrom, fashion shops ...

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