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Wood plastic for outdoor

Wood plastic composite - is a synthetic material made from wood pulp and plastic. In addition, WPC Là một loại nguyên liệu tổng hợp, được tạo thành từ bột gỗ và nhựa. Ngoài nhựa và bột gỗ, WPC also contains addictives with cellulose or inorganic. Therefore, WPC is called wood plastic composite with natural fibre.
There are a lot of applications from WPC on the market, especially being raw material. WPC is widely used in outdoor projects such as outdoor desk, banister, fence, pergola, park benches, door frame, window frame,... even furniture. WPC's manufacturers affirm that WPC is friendly with environment and less costly to maintain. WPC does not rot, crack in wet environmet.
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Wood plastic for outdoor
Awood Railing P90x90
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AWood : is abbreviated from Accord - Wood plastic composite that is a mixed product from wood and plastic for outdoor decorations. Awood is produced by Japan’s standard technology.   AWood is created to replace natural wood. It made from PE resin and wood pulp which are produced by the extrusion and injection molding, glue free in product. So it does not contain toxic substances. AWood is used to decorate the exterior of your home with a lot of using such as: swimming pool floor, sun screen, fence, pergola .... Awood post with banister and handrial   ..
275,000 VNĐ / M

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