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3K PVC Decor

3K PVC Decor

3K PVC DECOR - Provide decorative PVC bars with many designs, different styles, diverse in interior decoration, add a kind of material using modern home decoration, quality guaranteed over many years use.

3K warehouse system provides products from composite wood, the factory with modern technology production line: interior decoration bars are applied in items such as: wall tiles, ceiling, tiles wall and column cladding

Structure of 3K PVC:
Ingredients include wood pulp and PVC pellets in proportion: 35% wood pulp and 65% virgin PVC granules, combined with bonding aids and some additives to enhance product characteristics. Therefore, 3K PVC is called natural fiber material reinforced with plastic composite. Plastic beads and wood pulp are mixed, homogeneous and then passed through the integrated line to create compound beads (*), from the seeds compound is the only material for the extrusion line, pressed into shapes as required.

- 3K PVC is manufactured by extrusion method, with the shape of each individual mold, the factory can cut out 3K PVC with the required length.

Advantages of 3K Decorative PVC sheet:

PVC decoration 3K is very suitable for Vietnam's tropical monsoon climate because of the features such as:
- Water, moisture, little expansion and no burning
- No termite, no mold: PVC 3K products are not destroyed by termites, thus improving the life of the product.
- Many styles and colors: products are very diverse, creating a feeling like natural wood and choosing colors as you like.
- Good shaping properties: Completely convenient to assemble, can be processed by conventional wood method, bolted like natural wood, shaping according to preferences expressing its own style.
- Environmentally friendly products: non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly, non-toxic for users, construction, ...
- High fire resistance: The product reaches B1 level and the material does not catch fire and does not burn large
- No cracking, deformation deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, no repair costs.
- Good moisture absorption and noise resistance of composite wood thanks to the small holes on the product
3K PVC decor will be the perfect material in interior decoration.

By modern production technology, the combination of multi-color pigments with high color fastness 3K PVC has created different color compound particles to create products with color, texture and custom surface contour I mean. Different for customers to choose. 3K PVC Decor is capable of handling like natural wood so it can be used for surface processing and painting like natural wood.
3K PVC Decor has 3 types of surfaces: wood plastic surface, wood grain surface and 3D wood grain surface
With features used on 3K PVC Decor, it is chosen to decorate the ceiling, walls and column for small houses for 5-star projects.

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3K PVC Decor

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