Change - returning the goods

In order to ensure the interests of customers, improve the quality of after-sales service, 3K HOME Warehouse Ha Noi - will assist with new product change if the same kind of having trouble irreparable immediately (due to technical fault of the manufacturer). Details are as follows:

I. Scope of application:

1. Subject to the application: Customers who have purchased the product in the total chain of Hanoi Flooring Warehouse -

2. The period of application: From 01/01/2015 until further notice.

II. Conditions apply:

1. Time change delivery: The product is changed within 7 days of delivery (for all products).

2. Products must be intact stamp seals of Hanoi Flooring Warehouse - or the manufacturer.

3. The product is identified by faulty engineering technicians of Hanoi Flooring Warehouse - or the manufacturer.

4. Products must be intact reclaim tank shells, full foam and attached accessories, promotional gifts (if any) ...

5. Product take back non-defective forms (warping, shrinkage, Section weevil, relaxation cracking, discoloration)

6. Is the receipt must contain all the documents enclosed as (proof of purchase, VAT invoice, warranty card, manuals, catalogs ...)

III. Where not accept return / exchange:

1. Customers want to change the types and designs without prior notice.

2. Error malfunctioning products customer by improper operation instructions.

3. The customer does not implement the regulations as required to receive warranty and barter (ie do not send the right place warranty stipulated in the allotted time).

4. Customer is affecting the situation outside products such as tearing, packaging, abrasions, scratches, broken ...

5. Customer requests for change to pay for goods scratched, dented distorted, discolored, yellow ... after having been checked and accepted.

IV. The process of handling procedures for return / exchange:

1. Customers contact directly with the Service Center of 3K HOME Warehouse Ha Noi  -

2. After obtaining certification status contents damaged goods due to technical errors can not be corrected immediately, the change will be made in accordance with the provisions of 3K HOME Warehouse Ha Noi - and the manufacturer or service center authorized by the manufacturer.

3. The process procedures return / exchange is practiced within 07 (seven) days from 3K HOME Warehouse Ha Noi - receive enough information and documents prescribed from customers.

4. Please contact the Customer Care Unit 091 8888 601 for advice change delivery procedures.

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