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Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring: Laminate Flooring from English, from laminate flooring to be used in Vietnam from 2004 before the wooden floor laminte

Cheap laminate flooring is very popular now worldwide, with superior features compared with natural wood floors; Multi-color pattern, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, fire resistant, chemical corrosion, suitable price for all brings comfort, warm and comfortable. Cheap laminate flooring also feels warm winters, cool summers, cheap laminate flooring brings nature into the home which is why many Vietnam currently enjoys wood flooring industry.

Laminate flooring cheaper than the natural wood flooring, over the industrial age by function: diverse models, colors, easy to install or remove, and move, laminate flooring super water resistant.

sàn gỗ công nghiệp Hà Nội  we have many kinds of high quality Laminate flooring cheapest current customers can choose the color matching his house. Laminate flooring brands reputation in the city:

- Laminate flooring imported Malaysia: JANMI, Robina, INOVAR, SmartWood, Masfloor super tough, super waterproof, laminate flooring Malaysia is currently the most advanced, Laminate flooring Malaysia is the number one choice for reliability perfect fit Vietnam climatic conditions.

- Laminate flooring imported Thailand: Thaiwood, Leowood, Vanachai,ThaiOne, ThaiGreen, Thaixin, scratch-resistant laminate floor well, so colors Europe, competitive price water resistant HDF core

- Laminate flooringhan importing country: Dongwha, manufacturer of wood flooring from leading Korean colors and sizes typical ceramic base ginseng

- Laminate flooring manufacturer in Europe: Kronotex, Kronoswiss, Sensa, Krono-flooring is 100% imported products, they produce laminate flooring materials from natural wood plantations in the process of double-sealed, Europe continuous development and has quickly become a leading manufacturer of laminate flooring.

- Laminate flooring manufacturer in China of 100%:Kosmos, Morser, Hormann, Eurohome, Kendall, kronoloc,.... Distributors are named Dynasty wooden SAN software technology ethics, interior contractors are favored cheap, no manufacturer warranty should the distribution unit itself construction warranty from 10 to 25 years

- Laminate flooring 100% Made in Vietnam: Newsky available from 2008 certified European quality and ISO 9001, so far has confirmed the quality of the laminate flooring on the market, products are warranted for 15 major manufacturing plants year, Newsky Products laminate flooring only Vietnam

sàn gỗ công nghiệp giá rẻ

Laminate flooring made from pressed wood Page 4 class offers basic features: Anti-fouling - color stability under the action of light - against fire by cigarette - anti-corrosion and impact of natural and non-toxic - scratch-resistant and suitable for wheeled toys solution - travel freely without noise - difficult to ignite - easy to clean and anti-dust and harmful bacteria.

Cheap laminate flooring is made from wood fiber and has 4 layers with advantages: no dirty, the color being stable under effect of sunlight, resistant to fire of cigarette ash, resistant to abrasion, no toxic, being suitable for furniture on wheels, sound-lock, being easy to clean and no bacterium.

Cheap laminate flooring is produced by Europe technology. It researched and tropicalized to appropriate Asia countries where the moisture is high and the difference of seasons is high. Therefore, laminate flooring is not affected under the impact of weather.

The basic structure of laminate flooring includes 4 layers:

Sàn gỗ công nghiệp giá rẻ1 Surface coating 

2 decorative layer 

3 layer high density pressed wood core 

4 liner 

5 Key Edge



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Laminate flooring
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